Wednesday, June 18, 2014

10 Years ~ A Photo Shoot ~ Clearwater Beach

My baby girl turned 10 a few months ago and every year I've been trying to do a photo shoot of her for her birthday.  I was a couple of months late getting around to it, but I'm still so glad to have these photos of her.  

I want to remember that when she was 10 
she was spunky as ever, 
her hair was short, and her legs were long.
She loved dogs and tigers.
She loved her little brother and playing pretend, 
building forts and climbing trees.
She loved drawing and reading,
going to the park and the library.
Her favorite movie was Frozen
and she read all the Ramona books a half a dozen times.
She loved swimming and going to the beach,
rolling in the sand and finding shells and sea creatures.
She discovered her talent and love for golf.
She loved exploring nature and being outdoors.
She lived life to its fullest
with intensely happy moments 
and drama filled moments in between.
Life with her was never dull and watching her filled me with joy.
She was independent but still needed her mama.
She was beautiful inside and out.

I hope to remember all of these things when I look back on these photos in years to come, but mostly I want to remember the intense love that I have for her in this moment, even when she drives me crazy and we butt heads.  I know our relationship grows deeper and more complex each year as she ages and I look forward to watching her and knowing her and loving her more as she grows.  But she'll always be my baby girl.  I love her more than she'll ever know.

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