Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 13

My mom is in town and we have been doing some fun, touristy types of things this week.  I forgot my camera for most of them (typical) so I am just going to share a couple shots I took at the pool one day.  It's Spring Break week so there were some kids there who were visiting their grandpa that my kids were able to play with which was fun for them.  My girl even learned how to dive!  It's been really fun showing my mom all of the fun places around here and finding some new ones to visit too.  The other night we even tried geocaching but ended up not being able to find the one we were looking for.  I later found a note online saying that the owner had taken it for maintenance which explained why we couldn't find it!  We will definitely be trying again because the kids were really into it and it's free so of course I'm going to like it!

Here are my favorite photos of the week!

I just love the drops falling from his hair!

Love the light on the water and the weird way things are distorted.

I'm having technical difficulties with the rest of the photos, so I guess I'll just share 2 today.  Have a great weekend!!

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