Friday, March 21, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 12

 One of my favorite color combinations is red and turquoise.  Just so happens that is my view most days when I look out of our window onto our balcony.  I love looking up at the underneath of our red umbrella up to the blue skies above.  So today when I was sitting out there I decided to take some photos.  Then as I was sitting there looking inside through the window at my kids I noticed the reflection in the window and I had to snap this.  I love the sheerness of the curtain and the slight reflection of the lamp on the table.  I love the shape of the umbrella and that gorgeous color combo.  It reminds me a little of abstract art...only I know what it is. :)

I love the way he is standing at the computer.  And I love the way my girl is on the floor doing something artsy.  This is pretty typical of our homeschool days lately.  I've gotten much more relaxed and I think we are all loving it so much more. I don't usually like photos with a lot of clutter in them, but that's actually pretty typical of how my desk looks.  I recently read somewhere that geniuses have messy desks. ;) The black and white edit just makes this work.  

My girl had on this crazy outfit the other day for Awana and I took a few pics.  Then she was just standing there for me because I was having some focus issues with my camera and she was being my model while I tried to figure out what was wrong.  I love this serious face.  She doesn't normally wear big bows like that anymore, but I love it.  I love little girls with big bows and short hair.  It's just a thing with me.

I snapped this yesterday when she was fluffing her hair.  She told me this story about how one of her friends told her she kinda reminds her of a vampire because of her teeth and she would sometimes think she was scary looking.  I was trying to be all consoling about it and she was like, "Oh, it's okay, I love my vampire teeth!" and proceeded to show me her vampire smile where she can make them stick out.  She's so fun!  By the way, my boy just stood here and told me this photo is creepy.  What?  I like it and don't think it's creepy at all!

Have a great weekend!  The weather is gorgeous here and I'm off to the pool!

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