Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 4

This week I learned my lesson and I actually took my camera out on multiple occasions and snapped some pictures.  We went on another walk to the bay and the kids climbed their favorite tree.  We had one really gorgeous day where we did school out on the balcony.  Then another cold front moved in and I had to wear my winter coat yesterday.  Yes, I am turning into one of those people that I made fun of when I first moved here. The ones walking around in sweaters and Ugg boots when it was like 60 degrees out.  You really do get used to the weather though and just for the record it has been getting into the 30's at night, so I'm not that much of a wimp.  The most exciting news of this week is that my girl got a haircut.  A major haircut.  She loves it and so do I.  Also, her birthday is tomorrow so we've spent the week in anticipation of that.  I can't believe she is going to be 10!  She said this morning that since today is her last day of being 9 she is really going to savor it.  I love her.  She says the cutest things.  Here are my favorite photos of this week!

Normally the bay water is all the way up under that tree.  I guess we were there at low tide.

That is the Bayside Bridge in the distance.  We hear people drag racing on it sometimes late at night.  You can't hear the traffic normally though, so this is actually a really peaceful spot.

This is the tree from the first photo.  It is such a humongous, awesome tree that even I can climb it.  The limbs are so huge that you can walk right out onto them and it's like you are walking on a path.  The kids could climb there all day.  They love it.  The first time we climbed it the tide was up and I was so nervous they were going to fall into the Bay. This time with the tide out it wasn't as scary.  I'm interested to see what the water is like next time we go.

I debated on whether to include this photo, but I decided I like way the water is sparkling and the sun is shining and I like the shadow behind my girl so here it is.  I took this at a little park we drove to that I've always wanted to stop at.  There is a trail and at the end is this little beach.  That's the Bay and the tide was out.  Also, remember the Bayside Bridge in the photo above?  Right behind where I was standing is where the bridge connects to the land.  So while it was really pretty from this angle, from the other angle you were looking at the underside of a massive highway.  So we probably won't be frequenting this little beach much anymore, but it was fun to explore!

I had to include a photo of my girl's new hairdo!  I love it.  She always had a bob when she was younger and I just think she has the perfect face for it.  It's so much easier for her to take care of too.

She was not in the mood for photos, but I wanted to share these because it looks really short in the first photo because it's tucked behind her ear.  These are a better view of the actual haircut.  

I'm getting back in the groove of Photo Friday and I'm so glad that it's back! I've taken so many more photos than I normally would have.  Now the challenge is to be more consistent and get more creative.  I'm working on it!

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