Friday, January 10, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 2

I looked at my calendar this morning and felt a small twinge of panic when I realized that is was somehow Friday again already and I hadn't taken one single photo this week!  I guess this just proves that I really do need some sort of project to keep me motivated and accountable.  I do have a whole list of things that I want to write blog posts about, but actually sitting down and writing them is a problem for me lately.  I really can't pinpoint why.  I think I've just had a lot on my mind.  We are trying to make some schooling decisions and those always weigh heavily on my mind.  I might even write a post about it to help me clarify my feelings.  When I have to write them down they become much more focused.  I tend to shy away from posts about homeschooling because I feel like people might judge us, but I've pretty much gotten over it.  So if you've ever wondered how I'm feeling about school issues, get ready, because I might just spill it soon.  :)

Back to my photos this week.  I took these today obviously.  We went for a walk after lunch and I took my camera.  I didn't really have any goal in mind.  I just snapped away at a bunch of stuff on the way.  These are my favorites...

My silly girl.  I actually love this because it's just so perfectly representative of how she is right now.  She's on the verge of turning 10 and it's an interesting stage.  She's not self conscious at all and so silliness is abundant, and she's even more dramatic then ever which makes for some intensity that is challenging, but she's still a little girl.  My little girl.

He follows her lead of course.  Love the fishy lips.

I love palm trees and I love her. :)

I actually took this one right before we headed out for our walk.  This is some sort of plant that is growing right out of the side of our balcony.  I admire it's determination to grow out of nothing.

Of course this boy had to take off his shirt before we even made it home.  I love this.  I love how dark it is.  Not my usual style, but I've been drawn to darker photos lately for some reason.

That's it for now.  I'll hopefully get another post up before next week's Photo Friday sneaks up on me!

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