Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have a confession to make.  I kinda, the teensiest, tiniest little bit, miss the snow.  I feel guilty saying it after the years and years of complaints against winter.  But really it's not the snow I hate, it's the feeling cold all the time and the dreariness and the feeling trapped inside all the time.  So, I'm going to apologize to the beautiful snow for being lumped in with all my complaints.  Nothing can really compare to the beauty of the sparkling snow covering the world in it's blanket.  And snow pictures are some of my favorites.  Luckily when we were in Ohio over the holidays there was the tiniest dusting of snow one day and I was able to snap this lovely photo of my girl playing in it.

Her snow clothes were a mish mash of leftovers from last year and that gorgeous coat was one I got from a swap at our old church and it looked so perfect on her I kinda wish she had an excuse to wear it down here. But only a tiny bit. :)  My girl loves snow so I'm really glad she got to play in it this year.  I hope next winter we are able to go somewhere and experience at least one good snowy day.  But just one.  Let me know if you know where that exists!

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