Wednesday, December 4, 2013

House Tour ~ Part 2 ~ A Shared Boy Girl Room

When we were looking for a place to rent we quickly realized that a 3 bedroom place with a pool was out of our budget.  We had to decide what was more important, having a pool, or having separate bedrooms for our kids.  Taking into consideration the Florida climate, we decided a pool was a deal breaker and we had to have one.  The kids were totally fine with sharing a room too, so that made the decision easier.  I am so glad that we have access to such an awesome pool too.  We used it a ton when the weather was really hot (which was like everyday when we first moved here).  That reminds me, I should add that to the list of things to blog about!  We have a really big, beautiful heated pool that is never crowded and surrounded by a bunch of palm trees and live oak trees.  Now that I've peaked your interest in that, let me get back to the kids room. :)  At our old home which had 4 bedrooms, we had a room for each of our kids and the extra bedroom was a play room.  So essentially we had to fit three rooms worth of stuff into one.  I was in major purging mode when we were packing to move, so I got the stuff down to a manageable level.  It's still pretty packed in their room, but I can live with it and the kids are happy with it.  They have a walk in closet which is really what makes the room work.  I'm not sure we could have done it without that closet.  When I knew they were going to be sharing a room I went on Pinterest and scoured the internet for cute decorating ideas, but really the only thing I did was get my daughter a new quilt and I just kinda meshed their two rooms from the old house into one.  I had plans to get my son the coordinating quilt that goes with hers (Pottery Barn Kids has some great coordinating boy/girl bedding), but I ended up just keeping his pirate themed one that he already had.  I figured why spend more money decorating when #1, they don't care, and #2, this is a temporary situation.  Overall, the move to them sharing a room hasn't really been a big deal at all.  They haven't complained about it, and other than the times that I've stepped on legos in the floor, neither have I. :)  Here are some pictures to satisfy your curiosity!

 Their room is right off the hallway when you enter our condo.  Their window overlooks the walkway to our unit.  We have a corner unit, so no one ever walks by.  It looks like they have a view of a brick wall, but that's just from this actually looks out to an awesome tropical tree of some sort and part of the courtyard.  

A straight on view.  We just kinda meshed the boy with the girl stuff and I think it works.  All the white stuff was from my daughter's room and the brown wood was from my son's.  I was going to try to keep it separated, but it looked better mixed.  Also, their room is giant in case you can't tell.  Plenty of room for all the furniture.

I was standing in the corner by the bed for this shot.  That's the main door to their room and to the left is the door to their bathroom which also connects to the hallway, so it's the guest bathroom too.  Good thing we don't have many guests so I don't have to worry about all the toothpaste in the sink.  What is it with kids and toothpaste?!

I was sitting on the bottom bunk for this shot.  This is obviously my girl's side of the room.  She has a tendency to want to display everything she owns at once.  I remember doing that in my room when I was a kid too...I had one of those dressers with the shelves above and it was a mess.

Standing over by the doll stuff looking towards the bathroom.

I love their closet.  I wish it was mine.  There isn't a walk-in in the master bedroom...go figure.  It's a cedar closet too.  We have all their clothes and extra toys in there and also all of our Christmas stuff.  This closet is one of the things that sold us on this place.  Condo's aren't generally known for their storage options.  Also, my girl uses this as her 'changing room' which works out great.

Standing in the bathroom looking into their room.  They have a giant window which is really nice.  Our whole condo is really bright because we have giant windows everywhere.

That's it for this section of the tour!  I still have the school room and family room that I am going to share, so check back!  Oh yeah, and the pool too!

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  1. Love it! Hans and Lena share a room in our place here. It works!


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