Tuesday, November 12, 2013

House Tour ~ Part 1

I know a few of you are curious as to what our new place looks like so I've decided to do a few house tour posts for you.  While we've unpacked almost everything and gotten all of our pictures hung I still don't really feel like it looks 'done'.  Part of that is because we are renting and every single wall in our condo is painted white.  Another part is because the ceilings and windows here are taller than the ones at our old house so all of my curtains are too short and I don't really feel like investing money in curtains for a place we are just renting.  There are things that annoy me about this place, but it's temporary so I try not to let them bother me. I don't really like posting photos of my home that much because it kinda feels like bragging in a way to show off our home.  That is not my intention at all.  I love to look at photos of other people's houses because I find it inspires me to make my own place more beautiful and inviting.  And I'm super nosey, so I want to know what other people's places look like. :)  While I don't think any of you will be particularly inspired by my boring white walled condo, at least your curiosity will be satisfied!

 Welcome!  This is what it looks like when you open the front door.  I hate that we don't have a proper foyer, but hey, it's temporary, right?!  There is a coat closet behind the front door in this photo and to the left is a hallway to the family room and kids' room.

Moving into the kitchen.  I love our new table.  I've always wanted a white kitchen table and chairs but then with everything else being white I decided this would look better (and it was a better size than the white one I found) and I actually love it.  It goes great with our granite counter tops.  Yay, upgrade from our old house, but boo, we still have a galley kitchen.  One of these days I will have a big kitchen I hope!

The  curtains are all wrong the way they are hung but the curtain rods were already there so I'm just going with what I've got.  I'm so glad that my white cabinet fits perfectly in the corner of our kitchen.  Another thing I love is our deep windowsills that I can put stuff on.

I love the view from this window.  It's just really tropical and always sunny.  The sun also sets this way so it's a nice view when you are eating dinner.

I'm totally skipping a bunch of rooms because they weren't quite ready for photos yet (translation, they were a mess!).  This is our living room/ my office/ our guest room.  This is the room we weren't expecting to get when we downsized to a condo.  Really though, square footage wise, this place is about as big as our house was.  Just laid out completely different and missing a couple bedrooms.  If you come to visit us this is the room you'll probably sleep in.  I'm thinking about replacing the couch with a day bed with a trundle.  Someday, when I find an amazing deal on Craigslist. :)

Standing on the balcony looking in.  Still got a box in there...oops!  That doorway leads to a hallway that connects to the main bathroom to the left and our master bedroom and bathroom to the right.

This is from standing in that doorway looking the other direction.  You can see our family room is connected so it's very open.  Our balcony runs the whole length of these rooms.

Speaking of the balcony, here it is. :)  The owners left the swing which we love.  I want to get an outdoor rug for here at some point too.  I will probably need two since it's so long.

I was sitting on the swing looking the other direction when I took this one.  We are going to put a table out here eventually so we can eat.  We had to leave our old one in Ohio since it was too big.

This is our other balcony which is off of the kids' school room.  It's the one I sit on the most.  It's smaller but I like looking at that awesome tree.  And it has lights so at night it's very cozy.

That's all I got for now.  I'll try to clean up a bit and get photos of the other rooms soon!


  1. OK, you and I couldn't live in two more different places! Your condo is beautiful and it warms my heart to see the slipcover still in good use :)

    1. I noticed that slipcover too Kristen!

    2. Now you have to do a house tour post so I can see what your place looks like! ;)

  2. Your new place is beautiful, Shawna. :) I'm so happy for you.


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