Monday, November 4, 2013


Halloween was totally different this year than what we've been used to, but it was still really fun!  We went trick or treating in our building which was kind of a bust (no one was home or answering their doors) except for that one nice lady who gave both my kids a couple of handfuls of candy and filled their baskets about halfway.  Bless her for being so nice to the few kids in the building!  Since it was boring just hanging around here we headed to a local church that we had visited for their "Trunk or Treat".  We'd never been to one of these before but the basic concept is that a bunch of people park their cars, open their trunks, decorate them, and then sit and pass out candy.  You can get a bunch of candy without walking too far and you get to see some fun costumes.  Although it was fun, I think next year we'll stick with the traditional walking around a neighborhood and ringing doorbells.  That's more of the traditional Halloween that we are used to.  The costumes my kids picked this year were really fun.  My girl picked Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  She had never seen the movie so we watched it a few days before Halloween.  The kids loved it!  It was so fun to see it again with them.  I hadn't seen it in years.  My girl was totally freaked out by the munchkins of all things...she thought they were creepy.  Silly girl.  I wasn't sure if they would think the Wicked Witch was scary since kids these days see much more scary and realistic stuff in movies, but they both thought she was pretty terrifying.  My boy was all set to be a hot dog this year after he tried on a costume at Target.  I made him wait to buy it because the kid has a horrible habit of changing his mind.  Well, he never did change his mind and when we went to buy it they were sold out!  He ended up going with my husband to pick a different costume and he came home with a ninja one and a backpack of swords.  I'm sure that had no influence on his decision...haha.  Oh, one thing I forgot to mention that I love about Florida Halloween?  No coats or bulky clothes under their costumes!  Here are some pics. :)

I love how my kids like to get into character.

I realized as I'm updating this that all of my photos lately have looked a little blurry or compressed.  I'm not even sure if any of you notice it, but it's driving me crazy!  I'm looking into other ways to upload my photos so hopefully I'll get it fixed for the next post.


  1. They look great Shawna! (Both the kids and the photos....:) Miss you!

  2. So cute! I always wanted to be Dorothy too. I have a feeling I know another little girl who will want to be, once she is old enough to not be totally scared by that movie! ;-)


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