Friday, July 26, 2013

The Zoo ~ aka The Hottest Place on Earth

Every time we go to the zoo it is like 100 degrees out.  I am not kidding!  It just happens that way.  We hardly ever go, and this past time we went in May and I was thinking how nice it would be to go when it wouldn't be so hot and humid. Ha!  The zoo is conspiring against me!  We went with my cousin and her tiny baby girl though so that made it more tolerable since I could admire her cuteness.  I totally forgot about these photos until I was going back through the past month or two just to see what I had taken.  It seems like ages ago now, but I still like these photos so I thought I'd share them quickly.  Enjoy!

 The giant rhino by the entrance.  It's like a required photo op. :)

 My girl is a total lover of animals.  She wanted to see everything and touch everything she could.

 It was so nice that they had animals out of their cages all around the zoo that you could touch.

 I was trying really hard to get a photo of the blue tongue on this blue-tongued lizard.  I kinda got it, but he was quick.

We really wanted to see the baby gorilla, but she wasn't out when we stopped by.  This guy was huge and amazing though!  I always am amazed at how human like they are.  I could almost imagine it was some guy in a gorilla suit!

My monkeys on the gorillas!

We got to see Lulu, the baby giraffe.  She was adorable!

There is a walkway that goes all around the lion habitat and this one just kept following me with her eyes.  She is gorgeous!

I am so in love with this little owl.  They had him out and I was patiently trying to get a photo of him looking at me which was hard since he kept swiveling his head all over.

When I turned around to see what the kids were doing, I found my girl petting a hissing cockroach!! disgusting!  She wanted to keep it as a pet and though it was 'adorable'.

Yep, she's an animal lover for sure.  Ewwww....

Have a great weekend!

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