Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 41 ~

I love the beautiful fall weather, but my allergies are going crazy this week.  I am getting behind on everything because I'm so doped up on allergy meds and then I feel like just lying around and working on trying to breathe.  Breathing is good, but just not the most productive activity.  To top that off my son is acting like he's getting sick.  It's probably because I took the kids for their yearly well-child checkups and of course every time we set foot inside a doctor's office one of us ends up sick.  Ugh.  Hopefully it's nothing nasty and just maybe side effects from the flu vaccine.  But the sun is shining and the sky is blue, so I'm trying to not let that other stuff get me down.  I took the kids outside this morning with my camera and we just explored the yard a bit.  Nothing fancy, but I love these pictures.  Proof you don't need a great location and a great styled wardrobe for a great photo, just some beautiful sunlight and some people you love. :)

My girl has a tendency to overdress for the weather.  She got this new jacket that has a furry hood, so it looks like we are in the dead of winter.  She loves her scarf too so she put that on too and her earmuffs but I made her take them off for the pictures.  Seriously, it's not that cold out.  I was wearing a light jacket and I was fine.

I really love this smiling version.  I just like her face from this angle.  Probably because you can see how sweet and round her cheeks are.

We checked out the creek and of course my boy found a stick to carry around.  What is it with boys and sticks anyway?

My boy just started doing this super cheesy smile the other day.  I was doing a phonics lesson and he was supposed to listen for some certain sounds in some words I said to him.  If it had one sound he was supposed to clap and another sound he was supposed to smile.  This was the smile.  It was cracking me up!  So fake, but I love how you can see his dimple!

I love this!!  I love the sun and I even love how the camera made a rainbow flare.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

And this is a new favorite of my girl.  I just love her facial expression and the way her hair is flipping!  So perfectly her.  She was just having a conversation with me and completely ignoring the camera.  Those are usually when I get my favorites.

I've got two photo shoots this weekend.  I'm excited, I hope the weather stays this perfect!  Now if only my allergies would cooperate...

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  1. I hear you on the allergies. Sam and Will and I were all sneezing our heads off this morning. Ugh! Great shots of those sweet kiddos! :)


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