Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 40 ~

Another week has flown is it that we are at week 40 already?!  I cannot believe the end of another year is creeping up so quickly.  Fall is in the air around here.  It makes me feel like I'm just grasping for a few more good days knowing that winter will be here before I know it.  I do like fall, it's just so fleeting.  I wish it would stick around for more than just a few short weeks.  Because of that I've been sending the kids outside every chance I get.  No TV, no computer, no playing in the playroom...just go outside!  I feel like I've been saying that non-stop this past week.  They just don't realize how soon they will be cooped up doing those other things and wishing they could go run around and climb trees and ride their scooters or bikes.  I wish I could somehow impress this on their young minds wherein the time goes so much more slowly.  Remember when you were little how long the days were?  Man, I am getting old...  I took some photos of my girl today while she was having a recess ~ another one where I forced her outside.  Here are my favorites.

This is where I find her most of the time these days.  In our neighbor's tree just hanging out.  It's right next to our yard and our neighbor is so sweet to let the kids play there.  He's an old widower who is always out and about puttering around in his yard and he is more than happy to listen to the kids tell them their stories and he tells them all his progress on his little projects.  It's such a sweet relationship they have.  She was playing with play-doh in the tree.  She does everything up there.  She's like a monkey.  She'll read, play with her stuffed animals, talk with her friend about who knows what, climb around and just sit and relax.  Pretty much exactly what an 8 year old girl should be doing.

I got her to come down from the tree for about 30 seconds and got this shot.  Love the light and her sweet face!

I love her beautiful lashes and the way her hair looks blonde when the light hits it.

I caught one of her giant cheesy smiles.  I love her smile, but sometimes when I see it in a photo it just makes me see dollar signs thinking of all her future orthodontic work.  Does that make me sound terrible?!  Seriously, I do love her happy smile!

My monkey in action.  I love the sun hitting her hair.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Love your sweet girl! She's so fun!(and she's sure pretty, too!)I can't believe how quickly this year is going either. I saw some Christmas decorations at Target today and almost had a heart attack. I can't think about Christmas yet! Yikes! :)


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