Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 35 ~

Our first week of homeschooling (e-schooling, whatever you wanna call it) is over and we survived!  I have to say we actually even enjoyed it!  I wasn't sure what to expect and we definitely still have some kinks to work out, but I think we are really going to like it.  The typical day seems to go like this... The kids get up at their normal time (they are total early bird, morning people, and they do not get it from me!) and I get up way earlier than my summer wake up time.  The kids eat breakfast and get dressed before I come down from getting ready.  Then I get them set up with their first subject at about 9am.  Then I get my coffee and breakfast and try to perk myself up a little while helping them. :)  We get through about 2 subjects before recess.  Then while they are playing I set up the next subject and we do that before lunch.  I eat a quick lunch and then set up the afternoon's lessons and then have the kids join me after they eat and have another little recess.  My daughter being such a great reader has helped so that I can set out her literature and grammar lessons and she can work through them on her own while I do her brother's phonics and literature lessons.  We get done for the day around 2pm.  I might try getting some things set up the night before for my daughter since she can work independently on some things like her Spanish class and her independent reading, but so far, I just haven't gotten to it.  I need to do my photography editing in the evenings now, so maybe when things slow down for me I'll try it.  And I think just figuring out all the computer stuff and tracking attendance and all of that will make the day go smoother.  It'll just take time.  I figure it takes teachers at 'normal' schools a few weeks to get into a routine too, so I'm just gonna cut myself some slack.  Besides, the kids think I'm the best teacher ever. :)  Which I take as a great compliment because they both have had some pretty awesome teachers!  I didn't take many pictures this week besides our first day of school pics, so I went out this morning while the kids were at recess and took a few.  Here are my favorites...

 Just hanging out in the tree.

My little monkeys.

I love this kid!  And I have to say, now that I am his teacher I realize that he is waaaay smarter than I was giving him credit for (and I always thought he was pretty smart).  He is quite the studious little thing and I am so proud of him.

Who needs monkey bars when you've got a great tree?

I took this the first day of school.  He was pretty excited that his math lesson included counting any household object and he was able to pick his legos.  :)

My girl on the first day.  They look so cute wearing their headphones.  They use them for any online lessons that have audio that way they don't disturb each other.  The school sent them...they really do send you everything you need.  It's awesome.

We are looking forward to our long weekend!  Next week I'm going to share how we've got our room set up, so check back!

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