Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 34 ~

This was the last week of summer. :(  I'm so sad.  At least I'll have my kids home with me still, but we'll be busy doing school rather than lazing around and going to the pool.  I'll miss it.  We packed a lot of fun into this last week though.  A trip to Kings Island with friends, a pool day with other friends, and another pool day with family and we can't forget just hanging out with the neighborhood friends either.  That's what my photos are this week.  The neighborhood kids have discovered that my husband is actually pretty fun and not as scary as previously thought.  :)  That's because he likes to play football with them.  It's super basic touch football but they still like it.  I went out last night to snap a few photos of them in action.  I noticed at the back of the yard a beautiful patch of sunlight still peeking through (it was almost dusk) and I told the girls to come over and I'd take their pictures when they were done with football.  That ended the game really quick since they are all supermodel wannabes.  It was fun.  Here are my favorites.

This little girl has the most beautiful hair I've ever seen.  She always wears it up in a ponytail but I made her take it down for the picture.  The picture doesn't even do it justice.  It's thick and soft and gorgeous.  I'm jealous of a 9 year old.

I love the sunlight hitting her hair in this one.  She's such a pretty girl with the sweet personality to match.  I'm so thankful that we have sweet neighbor friends who I don't have to worry about corrupting my children, but who have a nice family with good values.

This is her older sister.  My son adores her.  She is just like an extra big sister to him, only nicer than his real sister sometimes. :)  What is with these girls and their beautiful hair?  She had it in a ponytail, took it down, ran her fingers through it and it looks like she spent hours styling it.  Lucky girls.

Okay, this is the real her.  Always smiling and happy.

Had to take some of my own pretty girl too!

I love this in black and white.  So soft and I love her smile.

I love her serious face too.

I had to include a photo of them in action playing football right before their mini photo shoot.  I love these girls!  

Next week school starts!  I have to admit, I am the teeniest bit excited about getting back into a routine and being a teacher.  I really should have taken my parents advice and majored in education in college.  But that was back when I thought kids were annoying.  And now I love them.  Figures.

Have a great weekend!

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