Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cramming in the Fun

As promised, I'm going to share a little more about our super short weekend trip to the Smokey mountains.  We went to pick up our daughter who had spent some time down there with her Grandmama and Papa being totally spoiled and having the time of her life.  My husband doesn't have much vacation time since starting a new job this year, so we tried to cram as much fun into 2 days as possible.  I think we did a pretty good job.  We went tubing, shopped in town, ate outside at the pizza parlor, and even had time for a fire and marshmallow roasting with my girl's little cousin.  And that was all in just 1 day!  The next day we packed up to head home and ended up having fun at some stops along the way.  We started in Cherokee with buying my son the bow and arrow he was dying to have.  Then we stopped a couple of times on our way through the mountain.  And we stopped yet again in Gatlinburg at the Nantahala Outdoor Center for a pit stop.  My husband loves to look at the hiking and camping gear and plan our future adventures (it's the boy scout in him).  They have a rock climbing wall in the middle of the store which is 3 stories high and our daughter decided she wanted to climb it.  Since it only cost $6 we said what the heck, what's another bit of fun crammed in!  She loved it and even did it twice since there was no one else waiting.  My son of course decided that he needed to do it too.  I kept telling him that it was harder than it looks.  He is afraid of heights so I didn't think he'd really like it.  But he insisted so we let him.  He made it about halfway up before he decided to come down.  I think he was really too short for it for one thing since his arms and legs couldn't reach the handholds and footholds well...and I think his fear of heights got the better of him.  Afterwards he said he thought he could just jump up the wall.  Maybe he thinks he's spiderman?  Too cute.  We didn't get home until after midnight, but it was worth it.  I can't wait to go back in the fall and have a little more time to breathe.  Here are some photos of all of our adventures.

My girl and her cousin.  They are the exact same age and they are so cute together.  They started a singing group and called themselves "The Cutie Cousins".  They even wrote their own songs!

My girl and her Grandmama and Papa.  How many kids get to hang out with their Great Grandpa and make memories like that?  I'm so glad I let her go.  Next year maybe her brother will go too!

Our view on the ride home.  I love the feeling of being surrounded by so much green.

Haha, this pic makes me laugh.  They both said it was too bright to open their eyes.  :)

My girl is turning into quite the little photographer.  That's the turkey we saw on the way home!  My husband told us whoever saw the first wild animal in the National Park would get $10.  Guess who saw it first?  He did.  Figures.  But on the way there we saw a wolf!  It was so cool!  No pic of him though.

My little rock climber.  She's ringing the bell at the top on the right.

Look at the determination on her face.  There was a balcony on the second floor that was perfect for pictures!

My boy trying it out too.

I love little weekend getaways.  So many memories crammed into such a short time, but totally worth it.

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