Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 25 ~

Summer isn't summer to me until we've been at the pool at least a few times.  I'm happy to say that we are finally getting our fill of pool days.  It's so nice to have friends and family who are generous with sharing their pools with us!  I actually took my own advice this week and took my camera to the pool and took some photos.  They aren't spectacular, and they aren't creative or styled or anything like that, but I still love them.  Photos like this of us just doing our everyday things are the ones I'm most likely to look back fondly on.  I actually spent a few minutes the other day going through some old photos of my daughter at the pool and I loved every single one of them and I wasn't even a 'professional' back then.  My niece was wearing my daughter's old swimsuit at the pool the other day and it brought back memories of my girl when she was just a squishy little 3 year old.  So I looked up photos from that summer and wow, I can't believe how long ago it seems on one hand and how it went by in blink on the other.  I'm sure I'll be saying that about these photos in a few short years!

I have a picture of us just like this from when she was four.

I remember when she was four and I used to think my days of getting kisses and hugs were numbered.  Glad  it's been four years since then and she's still as sweet and loving as ever.

I know, I chopped off his head...but I still love this shot of me getting a sweet kiss from my boy!

My little fish.  She loves the pool so much!

My other fish.  He has decided to start jumping and swimming this year with no float!  It just sort of happened the other day that he got up the nerve and got over getting splashed in the face.  I'm so proud of him!

Have a great weekend!!

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