Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 24 ~

Once again I didn't get out my camera at all this week!  What is wrong with me?  I think I need to start re-embracing my love of photography a little more.  I really miss it when I don't take photos of my own family.  I have a few months here and there where I don't take many photos and then when I look back I wonder why I didn't and I miss them.  I organize all my photos by year and then by month, so I really do notice when there are months that only have like 15 photos in the entire folder (believe it or not, there are a couple).  I'm promising myself to do better next week.  I think my problem is that we aren't doing anything 'new' with the kids so I don't think of taking my camera with me when we go to the pool or to the park that we've been to a million times before.  I keep thinking that I already have photos like that.  But those photos are like a year old, so I need to remind myself that even though my kids aren't changing month by month anymore, they still change quite a bit in a year.  I took out my camera this morning knowing I hadn't taken a photo all week.  My kids were building with blocks and I am always amazed at what they come up with.  Click here and here  to see some of their previous towers I've blogged.  Here's the new ones...

This tower is quite the engineering feat if you ask me.  I had to explain to her what the difference between architecture and engineering were and how they work together.  I love the support system in place at the bottom.  Future engineer perhaps?

This kid loves building things.  If he doesn't grow up to be some sort of architect or engineer I will be surprised...unless he's playing professional golf (a mom can dream, right?).  Check out the bottom of his tower.

It rolls!  I don't know if we have rolling buildings in our futures, but at least he's an innovator!  

Sorry for the not so fantastic quality of these photos.  I had the wrong lens on my camera for the lighting in that room and I was afraid to take the time to change it in case anyone knocked their tower over before I snapped a pic.  Embracing the is part of my blog title after all!  Have a great weekend!

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