Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 21 ~

We had a busy, busy week which is why I once again never got around to blogging.  I am so far behind.  I still haven't even shared about our vacation!  I will get to it eventually...I hope.  The most exciting event that took place this week was my daughter's second grade musical.  She had a solo and she had been practicing it for weeks.  The musical was about fairy tales and her character was Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.  She was supposed to dress like her and I was having a terrible time finding an affordable costume.  The ones you find in the dress up section are made for toddlers and if you have an older child you have to go to the Disney Store and pay almost $50 or make your own.  I don't sew, but luckily I have an incredibly talented Aunt who does (she even made my wedding dress!).  I called her up and we bought the fabric and a couple days later she had turned it into a gorgeous costume.  My daughter was like a little celebrity, all the little girls at school loved it.  She did great on her solo.  I was so proud.  I have to give a ton of credit to the music teacher at her school who does such a great job putting together this program and getting all the kids to memorize the songs and the motions and lines.  It's quite impressive!  And there are about 125 or so kids that are in it so it's no small feat.  I took some photos of my girl in her costume before the show.  Here are my favorites.

 Here is a short video clip of the first song from the show.  If you go to my youtube page you can see clips from all the songs.  They are taking forever to upload so if you don't see any, check back later.

Then last night while my husband was mowing the neighbors lawn (the house behind us is vacant) he came across a rabbit hole full of baby bunnies.  My kids were so excited.  One little guy had hopped out of the hole and was burrowing a few feet away.  I think he was confused since the grass had been really long and now suddenly their hole was exposed.  We picked him up and petted him and held him for a minute before putting him back in his home.  When he got back in there you should have seen him trying to get comfortable and stepping on all his siblings in the process.  Of course, the kids wanted me to take photos, so here are a few.  My daughter even had to check on them this morning before school and she said they were all still there sleeping.  They are the cutest things ever!

My daughter holding him.

Tiny bunny feet!  Cutest thing ever!

My girl petting him one last time after he got comfortable.  What a cute position he's laying in!  I love his little foot up by his face.

Only three days of school next week and then they are done!  I'm so excited to have my kids home for the summer.  I can't wait to have some free time.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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