Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 16 ~

I have been a total blog slacker lately.  I hate it too because I really do enjoy blogging...and even more than the actual act of blogging, I enjoy going back and reading my blog.  I will sometimes sit down and just randomly click on a few posts and they almost always bring a smile to my face.  Mostly because I blog about pleasant things that I want to remember, but also because in the moment I don't always appreciate my life the way I do when I look back on it a year or two later.  I need to be more disciplined about blogging, but sometimes life gets crazy with all of the things you have to do and you don't always have time for those things you want to do.    And why is it that all of the things you have to do are so boring?  Like laundry and cleaning and dishes and running the kids here and there...ugh.  None of that sounds appealing in any way to me.  But then again, some days if you asked me to sit and look at a computer screen for even one more second I'd feel the same way.  And since I need to do that to blog, it has been one of those weeks that I just haven't gotten to it.  Anyway, enough excuses, I need to share with you my favorite photos from the week!  This week the theme was "Things that Grow" and I didn't even have any clue what the theme was until I just now looked it up.  Needless to say, these photos were not planned to go with the theme.  But kids grow so I lucked out. : ) We went to my in-laws last Sunday for a dinner and my mother-in-law had an egg hunt for the kids since she didn't get to see them for Easter.  I snapped a few pics during the hunt.  I decided to change these to black and white.  Sometimes I think it's easier to pick up on the emotion in a photo when you strip away all the distraction of the colors.  And sometimes all the kids are wearing bright colors that clash with one another and the easiest way to fix that is to just convert it to black and white. : )  Here are my favorites.

I love the one on the top right.  

My mother-in-law always puts money in the eggs and this year they appreciated it.  Guess it helps that they are finally realizing the value of money! 

These are all the grandkids of my mother-in-law.  And of course my son is making a weird face!

This next week I am going to be working at my temp job so I'm not gonna promise that I'll post, but I'll try.  Check out more "Things that Grow" photos at the link below.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

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  1. I love your suggestion for going black and white when there are clashing colors. Excellent idea!!


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