Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 5 ~

I can't believe I didn't blog at all this week.  I had intentions of posting my daughter's birthday party photos but she came down with some sort of bug and was off school for three days.  Poor thing.  She hardly ever gets sick, but when she does she wants her mommy.  She got totally spoiled being at home too and I had to make her go back yesterday.  She was like, "Do I have to go to school if I have a sore throat?"  I said, "Yes." She asked, "What if I have a headache?"  I said, "Yes."  "What if my ears hurt?"  I finally told her "The only way you aren't going to school is if you have a fever."  "Oh darn."  Yep...I'm on to her...  Anyway, I didn't get a lot done this week, but that's okay.  I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about working on days like those.  I can stay home and snuggle my baby and not feel guilty about it knowing that home is the place I am meant to be.

This week's theme for my Project 52 group was "shadows".  I guess to tie in with Groundhog Day.  As soon as I read the theme I knew what I wanted to do, I just had to wait for the right sunny morning for it.  Yesterday the sun cooperated. : )  Every time it's a sunny morning at the bus stop my son likes to play this game where he steps on my shadow.  And then I move all around and he chases it and tries to stomp on my head and I pretend it hurts.  He thinks it's hilarious.  I'm sure people who see wonder what on earth we are doing, because I'm sure it looks silly.  Here are my shots.

I like how you can see my shadow just peeking out from behind him.  And I have this thing about liking the way his head looks from behind.  This might sound weird but sometimes when I sit in church and look at the backs of the heads in front of me I notice things like how some of the men have totally weird shaped heads and strange ears and hairlines that go way down their necks.  Yep...I notice the weirdest things!  But I like my boy's head from the back and his little ears sticking out and his little dent in the middle of his neck.  Do you other mom's notice weird things like that?

Running to stomp on my head.  He's holding a piece of bread as a last minute breakfast since I didn't realize all he had eaten was yogurt and I didn't have time to make anything because of the bus coming.  Just keeping it real for you!

I love, love, love this.  The shadow of the tree in the background, the winter branches all blurred and his sweet serious face.  He always squints his eyes like that if I tell him not to be so silly.  Most of the photos before this had his tongue out or his eyes closed (on purpose).  Guess it makes me appreciate this one more.

Have a great weekend!!  If you get a chance check out more of the project 52er's over here.

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  1. Hi, Shawna, Your little guy is adorable. I love how he is trying to "stomp on your head!"

  2. Gorgeous! Love these. I was cracking up at all the questions on staying home... what if my ears hurt? Poor thing.

  3. I always notice weird things like that about the back of people's heads in church! I'm not sure what this says about us, but I completely understand! :) Great pictures of Dean. :)

  4. He is just adorable. That photo is worthy of a frame.

  5. Awesome as always, Shawna! Sometimes I take "blogging breaks." I think we all need them one in while. Funny about the heads. I notice weird things, too, but not really backs of heads. Now I will, though, so thanks for that :)


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