Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Dog Party

My daughter turned 8 a couple of weeks ago.  What?!  How am I old enough to have an 8 year old?  It's so weird.  I still feel like I just had her and she was my squishy little chubby cheeked toddler yesterday.  She's gotten so tall (and I'm so short) that she barely fits in my lap anymore!  And now she's all arms and legs and stabbing me with her elbows.  I still take all the cuddles I can get though.  She is completely obsessed with dogs lately (okay for like the past 2 years) and so of course she wanted a dog themed birthday party.  We were lucky enough to find some stuff at the party store to match her theme which made it pretty easy.  We just had a family party this year again since she opted to take her best friend to see the Chipmunk movie instead of a kid party.  That was completely fine by me.  This was also the first year that we really celebrated her birthday on her actual birthday too.  I guess in the past she really thought of the party day as her birthday, but this year she was really into celebrating multiple times.  We let her pick the restaurant to eat at on her actual birthday and we gave her one present to open.  Yep...she picked McDonald's so she could get a happy meal toy.  Here she is opening her present from us.

I love her face in these.  It was a camera.  She loves it.  Also, she wore a fancy outfit to school that day because she said, "I hope I am the center of attention all day."  Whatever happened to my painfully shy little girl?  I'm glad she outgrew that stage, but sometimes she just amazes me with her self confidence now.

Right before the party started I took her outside for a couple of photos.  It was really windy, but I still can't believe how warm it has been this winter!   I could take her photo with no coat!

My sweet girl.

Back inside posing with her cake.

Her dog cake.  I found a similar version online and copied it.  The eyes were made with melted Tootsie Rolls and the nose and tongue were melted Laffy Taffy.  The bow and collar were Fruit by the Foot.

 Some more of the decorations.

My nephew entertained us with his hula hooping attempts!

I think they had fun. ; )

My favorite photo from the day.  Right before she blew out her candles.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!  I can't believe how fast you are growing up and I am so proud of the lovely girl you are becoming!


  1. Gertie is a bit hurt she wasn't invited since it was a DOG party...but she forgives you. Love the cake! So cute!

    1. Ava would have loved that! Me...not so much. :)

  2. that last picture is great! Nice job on the cake. And I love that she picked McDonald's! Looks like Ava had a really good birthday. :)


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