Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stunning Senior ~ A Photo Shoot ~

When this girl contacted me to do her senior photos I was completely flattered.  First, because she's really into photography.  And second, she could never find the right photographer while she was actually a senior, so she's really a freshman in college now and she picked me to do her photos.  I have to admit I felt a little pressure to deliver knowing that she picked me after waiting so long.  She was really doing this for her mom, which I really admire...being a mom and all...I hope that my daughter loves and respects me enough to do things for me that might not really be her thing.  So we met up and the first thing I noticed was that she is adorable and oh my gosh...her hair!  She needs to be a shampoo model.  We had a great time and it was really relaxed.  Her mom became my assistant for the day which was so helpful and I just enjoyed getting to know them.  Those are my favorite kinds of shoots.  I have a bunch of favorites to share so here goes...

I love green eyes...and not just because I have them too...although that's probably part of it. :)

Love. her. hair.  She was the perfect model for this location.  Her hair and outfit just went perfectly with the surroundings.

I love this shot.  I remember we were having this whole conversation about America's Next Top Model and we were making fun of Tyra Bank's and how she tells them to 'smize' (which means to smile with your eyes).  So I told her to give me her best smize and this is it.  I have to say...I think she's got it down.

I love this blue door!  They are renovating the house where I took these and if they paint over this door I am going to be so sad.

Another favorite.  Love the softness of it and the sun flare.

I love her hair in this one and the background with the light streaming through the room behind her. 

She changed into something more formal since she wanted some shots for her grandma to frame in her house and they needed to be a little more traditional.  I love her hair up like this too, and the sun hitting her eyes is perfect.  

Another favorite blue door in the background.  

I usually hate doing black and whites of people with great hair color and skin...but I love this!  She is seriously stunning!

Thanks for choosing me for your senior/freshman photos!  I had a great time!

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