Friday, November 11, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 44 ~

I'm such a slacker about posting to my blog this week.  I had a bunch of posts I wanted to share, but time just got away from me again and it seems that my blog is not top priority on my to do list so it always gets pushed to the bottom and I don't get to it.  I did get a major project done this past weekend though!  I painted our garage doors and all the outdoor window trim on our house.  If you've been to my house in the past month or so then you've seen my paint chips and voted for what color you like.  I went with the darker blue/grey color and I love it.  I still need to paint the front door, but that will have to wait for now so I can get caught up on all of my photo editing.  While I was painting the garage doors the other day on one of those unseasonably warm days my daughter pointed out a beautiful butterfly on our flowers.  We just watched him for a while and everyone wanted me to take a photo but I thought he'd fly away...turns out he didn't mind a bit.  He just sat there on the flowers and completely ignored us.  It was like one last tribute to summer.  A beautiful day, my family all home and working on a project, the kids climbing trees, the flowers still blooming and a beautiful butterfly letting us admire him.  Ahhhh....I love days like that.  I will miss them.  I will come back to this memory when it's the dead of winter and I'm freezing and huddled under my blankets and it will help to get me through.  The hope of spring is a powerful thing.

I'm not sure why, but I just had the urge to see how this would look in black and white.  Turns out I kinda like it.  

Have a great weekend!  We will be celebrating my husband's birthday today on 11.11.11!!  How cool is that?!  Happy Birthday, Babe!!

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