Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brown Eyed Beauty ~ A Photo Shoot ~

One of my favorite photo shoots from last year was of this adorable family and you can check it out here.  When they called me again to do a shoot this year I was excited to see how much their sweet little girl had grown.  I met them at this old historic home and when they got out of the car I couldn't believe #1 how big she'd gotten and #2 how she could be even more beautiful than before!  Her gorgeous head of curls and sweet little personality are the perfect duo.  I wouldn't be surprised if she's got every man in her life wrapped around her pretty little finger already.  Her mom is expecting baby number 2 and I can't wait to meet the beautiful new addition!  This was a mini session so I'm only sharing a few photos.  Here they are...

My new favorite photo of the moment...

I love the whole color scheme of this shoot, but since her mom loves black and whites I thought I'd share one.  

I love her dress.  So classic.  

I love the adorable expressions that two year olds make!  She reminds me of Shirley Temple in this one.

She was very concerned during our shoot about all the dirty places I was making her sit.  Her mom informed me that she has the reputation of being a little princess.  She kept wanting her daddy to clean it up for her.  It was so cute!  I like this because you can see her beautiful curls...they are all natural!  I asked because it kinda looked like they curled it.  Lucky girl.

I often love the ones when they aren't smiling.

I took some family shots too, but I know they are using one for their Christmas card so I'm not going to share any today.  I can't wait to do their photos again next year (hopefully) when they will be a beautiful family of four!

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