Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 42 ~

This week went by in a blur.  I am so busy with editing photo shoots and I somehow got roped into planning my daughter's class Harvest Party.  That, along with cleaning my house, hosting Bible study, and volunteering in my son's classroom twice this week and I'm just happy it's Friday!  Oh and we also had a little incident on Sunday evening when my son wrecked his bike.  He had just learned to ride without his training wheels a couple days before.  He was husband actually taught him in the time it took me to run to the pizza place to pick up a pizza and drive home.  He surprised me and his sister when we got back.  I couldn't believe it!  Anyway, he wasn't great at it yet and our neighborhood has those gutters along the sides of the streets and he wrecked.  My daughter was outside with him and she has a tendency to be a little melodramatic and will often come running into the house to say "he's hurt SO BAD!" and then I race out to see a minor scrape that isn't even bleeding.  So...I'm not always so worried when she comes running in.  My husband was home and was actually the one to run out that time, so he carried him in and his shirt was all bloody so I knew it wasn't good.  I took one look at it and knew immediately that it needed stitches and I've never even seen a cut that needed stitches before.  So, off we all went to the emergency room.  I thought about heading to urgent care since it's so much cheaper because of our insurance, but since we live so close to an amazing children's hospital we just decided to go there.  I am so glad we did.  They were amazing.  They had this gel stuff that numbed his chin (no more shots!) and then they had a woman whose sole job was just to distract the kids.  They also brought in a medic who was there just to hold his head still and then the doctor who did the actual stitching all while my son just thought she was cleaning his boo boo.  It went that great.  I just sat in the corner and tried not to be grossed out.  I didn't even need to hold his hand.  He was completely distracted and thought it was great because when it was all over they gave him a popsicle.  Pretty easy...getting the bill will probably be the worst part of the whole ordeal.

Back to the photos.  I thought I didn't have any to share so I went outside this morning and took a few fall photos for the Lemonade and Lenses theme this week which is "autumn".  I love the color that our tree in our front yard turns.

Another fall themed photo.  Those are our pumpkins on our porch blurred in the background.

I have these gerbera daisies that I got from my grandmother's funeral back in the spring and I planted them in  a flower pot on our porch.  They have bloomed all summer and even just this week they bloomed again!   It's amazing because I usually kill plants and this one is doing great.  So, the other day I noticed there were 2 more blooms on it which made me smile and then I was sitting at the computer later and my son came in and had something behind his back for me.  He had picked one.  My first instinct was to be upset because it would've lasted way longer if he hadn't picked it, but of course I just said thank you and gave him a hug (although later we had a talk about which flowers we are allowed to pick and which ones we should leave).  I'm kinda glad he picked it though because it looks so perfect in my tiny blue bud vase!  And I love turquoise and red together.  And now I have this photo to look at too!

Here's a pic of my boy and his stitches.  I think his scar will just make him look tough.

Hopefully this next week will be less eventful!  Have a great weekend!

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