Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 40 ~

I know...it's Tuesday.  This post is seriously late.  But I have a really good excuse.  We were on our way to the Smokey Mountains on Friday.  Here are just a couple photos that I snapped on our ride.  I have lots more to share and hopefully I will get to them this week.  That's my ambition talking.  I am so busy this week it's not even funny.  I needed a weekend away though and it's kinda nice being away from the computer and facebook and blogs for a few days.  Where we stay we don't get good reception and we were too busy to bother with trying to check email and all that other stuff that crowds my mind usually.  Hiking, picnicking, shopping and having movie night and a bonfire...these memories will last.  I waste so much of my life not really even living it, you know what I mean?  A weekend in the mountains is just what I needed to remind me to take time to enjoy this short time I have with my kids and my husband, and to really stop and look around at all the beautiful things God has created.  Why is it so hard to do this when I am at home?  Why do all those other things seem so important?  I'm going to try to drag myself away from so many screens on a daily basis and just relax and take time to reflect.  I really am going to try.

The leaves weren't quite as vibrant as usual, but still, the mountains and the way they seem to stretch on forever is beautiful enough alone.  I took this from our moving van and I can't believe how well it turned out! I edited two versions of this, the other was more warm, but I decided to share this one because this is more true to what the mountains really look like...they really do look blue in the distance like that.

My cuties with their travel clothes and hair.  I love the road cutting through the mountain behind them.

My boy on top of the mountain.  It was super windy up there and he had a strange coughing fit when we got back in the van.  It was kinda scary.

I'll share some more when I get a chance.  I love looking at vacation photos and remembering all the details.

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