Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunflower Fields ~ A Photo Shoot ~

There is this beautiful field of sunflowers very close to our house that a local nursery plants every year.  I've been wanting to do a photo shoot there for a couple years now, and so the other evening I planned a shoot with my daughter.  I even curled her hair (a very rare occurrence) and so of course it ended up storming that evening!  Luckily the next evening was perfect and her hair even still had some curls left in it!  She had a great time exploring the fields and all the little paths in them.  I did have to bribe her with ice cream however, because the boys decided to spend the evening at Kings Island while we were doing our photo shoot.  I made up for it last night by taking just us girls to Kings Island though.  I asked her if she was sick of doing stuff with just me and her and she said with shock, "Mommy, I could never get sick of you!  Your my mommy!  I love you so much!".  Sweetest thing ever.  I wish I had a recording of it.  Here are my favorite photos of my favorite girl.

Love, love, love.

She's so cute with her supermodel poses!

I love her hair like this...doesn't it figure that she is now dying to get a haircut...

Had to get a few shots of just the flowers.  They were beautiful!

I like her jawline in this one.

She was collecting these little purple flowers which reminds me that I put them in my camera bag and they are probably all disintegrated in there now.

There were a lot of bees, but they were too busy with the flowers to notice us.  I love this!

She just had to pick some and we now have a nice little bouquet on our kitchen table.

Some of them were closed up like this.  Just beautiful!

My favorite.

Love the pink sky and her hair blowing in this one.

I like her curls flying in this one.

If anyone is interested in a photo shoot at this location let me know soon!!!

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