Friday, August 5, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 30 ~

Last night as I was tucking my son into bed he told me that he wanted me to take some pictures of him while he was sleeping.  Kind of a weird request, I know, so I asked him why and he said because I take lots more pictures of his sister than of him.  Which is true, but that's because he usually doesn't want me to take his picture.  He told me that I need to sneak in his room in the middle of the night, like when it's really dark and take some.  So I took some as I was going to bed.  

 I love this one.  This summer he started sleeping with no shirt so he could be like his daddy.  

This is from the other day when we played outside for a little bit.  I was teasing him saying, "Your eyes are orange, right?" and he'd say, "No, they're blue!" and this was him showing me that they are blue.

I love my little boy.

Have a great weekend!

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