Wednesday, August 3, 2011

City Kids ~ A Photo Shoot ~

A few weeks ago I took my kids downtown with my mom and we had lunch on the square.  It was sooo nice.  I used to work downtown and I do miss it sometimes with all the great lunch places and the hustle and bustle and not to mention my favorite TJ Maxx where I would shop way too much.  Anyway, while we were there I knew I wanted to get a couple pics of my kids in a more urban setting.  So my mom patiently drove us around the block a few times until I found just the place I wanted.  And we parked right on the street and spent about 10 minutes for this photo shoot.  I'm so glad we did it because I am in love with these!  I need some clients who want an urban shoot...anyone, anyone?  Here are my favorites...

We started out by this wall of ivy.  I love it.

Um, so, someone was not quite in the mood for a photo shoot that day.  I did get some great serious looks from him though which I don't normally get, but this one almost makes him look mean.  I still love it though.  

Me: Do a serious face.  Her:  I can't help it, when I see the camera I just have to smile!

There was this row of beautiful houses and they have the best doorways.  

Possibly my favorite.  I love the flowers, the old steps and even the parking meter. 

This was taken in the same spot as above.  There was a man sitting on the steps eating his lunch and he saw me taking photos and started talking to me.  Turns out he was painting the inside of this building and he opened the door and let us take a peek.  It was so gorgeous!  If I ever lived downtown I would want a place like that.  And of course, I'd have to be super rich, but you never know!

Then we walked down the street to this alleyway.  

I love this too.  I like how the fire escape is blurred in the background.  I also love her sweet expression.

I already posted this so you've probably seen it, but I love it so I'm posting it again.

That serious kid again.

That's a little better.  A hint of a smile.

There we go.  He always hides his teeth when he smiles for some reason and it drives me crazy, but oh well.

You might notice the hint of worry in her's because as we were walking down this alleyway I looked down and saw some not so nice magazines laying near a dumpster.  Ahem.  Like really not so nice and the type that would really confuse my children if you catch my drift.  So I told me kids not to come near there because there were some bad pictures that they didn't want to look at.  My daughter says, "Are they pictures of bloody people?"  Um, yes, I told her, they are really bad.  She really hates blood and people getting hurt or sick.  I love her and her innocence.  She really wanted to leave she was so worried about seeing those pictures.

Trying to get both of them smiling is nearly impossible.  I guess his fake smile will have to do.

So cute.

Hope you enjoyed them!


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  2. beautiful portraits of your kids shawna! and i love that you love venturing downtown! i do too!


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