Friday, November 26, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 47 ~

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!  We spent over 6 hours of ours driving in the rain, but it was totally worth it to spend some time eating turkey with some of our favorite people.  This week had two important events though.  One, of course, being Thanksgiving.  The other involved my girl and something she'd been wanting for months now.  I'll give you a hint by sharing this link to an older blog post.  She had been begging for so long that she finally wore me down.  And I'm not one to easily give in to begging.  Here she is in her favorite new thing.  Glasses.

I love the picture on the right because it looks like she's got a secret.  And she does...they are not real.  She does not need glasses to see.  She just needs them because she thinks she looks awesome in them.  Really, she thinks she looks better with them than without them.  I honestly don't really get it.  But I do think she looks pretty darn cute in them.  Let me explain how this came about so you don't all think I'm insane.  She had a friend in kindergarten who wore glasses for real.  But for some reason my daughter was under the impression that this girl didn't really need them, she just wore them because she looks cute in glasses.  She did look cute, and I'm 99% sure that she really did need them to see.  So, all of last year she'd ask if she could get glasses.  Then, this year, one of her best friends who she rides the bus with got glasses.  I'm like great, I'll never hear the end of it now.   So, one day when I was dropping my girl off at her friend's house (she gets on the bus at her house on my son's preschool days) I asked her where her new glasses were.  Her mom then informed me that they weren't real!  What?  I've never heard of that.  She said they got them at Wal-Mart, just for fun, for her to play in.  She said they only cost $9.  Okay, well, that works for me.  So, ever since then she's been relentless with the begging.  And I have to say that the lady at the optical center at Wal-Mart was totally sweet and fit them to her face and helped her decide which pair to get all as if they were "for real", even after I explained that they were just for fun.  She even got a case and the little cleaning cloth and was told how to take care of them.  It was totally cute.  And her brother was sad because he really wanted her to get a purple pair.  But she knew exactly what she wanted.  All this week, she's gotten compliments from strangers on her glasses.  And they were a big hit with her friends at school.  Their parents probably all think I'm nuts.

Pondering deep thoughts.  She thinks they make her look smart.

I think they make her look adorable.  I just hope she doesn't ever need them for real, or she'll probably hate to wear them.  Like me.  I should be wearing them right now.  If only I could find them.  That's what happens when you don't have to get glasses until you are in your 30's.  I still can't get used to wearing them and I always misplace them!

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