Friday, November 5, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 44 ~

I just realized that it's Friday and I had nothing planned for Photo Friday.  So, I checked to see what photos I had taken this week and I haven't taken any since Sunday, which was Halloween.  Whew, at least Sunday still counts as this week!  So, I had planned to do a whole Halloween post, but I guess I'll just kill two birds with one stone and do my Halloween pics for this.  The older my kids get, the more excited they get about Halloween.  My daughter is old enough now to trick or treat for a long time, so we ended up with a ton of candy.  Their costumes this year were some of my favorites, although there was some drama involved (of course) with my son's costume.  You see, he loves his bones shirt, so I figured he'd love to be a skeleton.  So I bought a skeleton costume well in advance of Halloween.  He was afraid of it because stupid me told him to look in the mirror while wearing the skull mask.  Oops!  So, then after much convincing by daddy he decided to wear it without the mask.  But then, the day before his preschool party where he was supposed to wear it, he informed me that he would not be wearing it...and he wanted to be a monster or a dragon.  Ugh.  So, I went on Craigslist and actually found a dragon costume in his size and my husband went and bought it on his lunch break.  When he brought it home my son refused to put it on because it was too scary (it was one of those stuffed animal looking ones so I have no idea what was scary about it).  So his sister put it on and chased him around the yard in it.  Fun times.  Anyway, he decided to wear the skeleton costume after all.  And it was super cute and glowed in the dark.  Here are the pics.

 My little cheerleader.  I was a cheerleader so of course I love this!  We saw another kid wearing a wig dressed as a cheerleader and  I said to them "Cute costume" and they said to us "I'm a boy!", and my daughter was so shocked.  It was all she kept talking about.  It was really cute.

My little skeleton.  He was so cute!

I love this with the light hitting him and his dimple...and him on the move.  Very him.

She's got the cheerleader attitude down.  Love her stance and the sun setting behind her.

This isn't like a super professional looking photo or anything, but you gotta love a pic of both your kids looking cute and actually looking at the camera.

Okay, I didn't even take this one, so it doesn't even count for Photo Friday, but since it's a Halloween post I had to share it.  This is me and my hubby as Clark Kent and Lois Lane for a party we were going to, while me kids were having their own little party with their grandmama.  My daughter has taken to wearing those nerd glasses around the house.  It's pretty cute.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. OK... so regarding your cheerleader who was a boy, check out this blog (that I found through a friend on fb). It's about a 5 year old dressed as a girl... I just saw it this morning right before I saw your post.


  2. by the way, I LOVE lois lane and clark kent.

  3. I saw that post too, Jen! She was actually shocked in a good way, like, wow, the thought never occurred to her that a boy could do that and it was just so funny to her. And right before I talked to him, she had said that that girl's hair looks like Evelyn...and I said, no honey, I'm pretty sure that's a wig. The whole situation was just funny to us. I'm sure there were people out there who would have been offended though...


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