Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Weekend Getaway...Three Weeks Later

I meant to post all about our trip the week that we got back.  But it seems like I have no time to blog anymore, and I'm trying to figure out why.  Not that much has changed, but I have been busier with photo shoots...I don't even know what I'm going to do if I ever get my butt back to the gym like I say I'm going to.  Oh well, let's not think about that...I'm here and I'm here ya go.  Click here to see some of my favorite photos from that weekend.  The rest of these I had no time to edit, so what you see is what you get.  We crammed a lot of fun into that weekend, hence me cramming a ton of photos into this blog post.

First up is a collage of some random beautiful scenery (hey, my kids are beautiful too, right?) from our drives to and from the mountain house.

Oh, the goats.  My daughter was in love with these things.  Their pen was down the road from where we stayed and she could've just walked down there a few times a day and been happy with our vacation.  No sight seeing or fun activities needed.  Just some goats.  That's my mom with a goat jumping up on her.  Note:  do not bring the treat bag into the pen with them.  There was a newborn goat too and somehow I don't have a picture of it?  It was the cutest thing ever.  My daughter really just wanted to hold it, but we couldn't catch it.  Who knew goats were so fast?  Oh, and I may just be some naive city girl, but did you know that goats pupils are rectangular?!?  So weird...check out the top left photo.

I'll just continue with the animal theme and share this collage next of my daughter petting a hog.  That's right, not a pig, a hog...that thing was huge!  We visited a pioneer village while we were there and I don't know what got into my girl, she was just all about the animals that weekend.  I had to make her stop because I thought she was going to fall into the pen with them.

I have a ton of pics from the pioneer village.  Here's my kids acting wild in a corn crib and checking out the huge barn.  And why does the haystack look like their about to burn someone at the stake?  Anyone?

More pioneer village shots and a rare family photo in the corner of the four of us.

Okay, so these pics don't really go together, but I wanted to share them anyway.  My girl and the person who spoils her, and I love that window with the warped panes.  My girl's new stuffed animal, since she got Smokey on our trip last year she thought he needed a friend, so now we have Sparky too.

My kids and their new friend, who happens to be a distant cousin and lives up the road from where we stay.  My daughter cried so hard when we had to leave because she was going to miss her so much.  She wrote her a letter telling her we'd be back in the summer.  So sweet.  They are the same age and this is the first year they played together.  I hope they stay friends and have fun seeing each other year after year.

My kids in front of the old truck.  I was on a mission to take pics of them in front of it from the moment I saw it.  I love these.  They are so funny with each other.

On our way home we stopped at the top of the mountain which we don't usually do since it's pretty crowded with tourists taking photos, but I'm glad we did.  We found part of the Appalachian Trail and talked to a couple hikers who were hiking it.  We let the kids hike for a while and then I told them they had to turn around and come back.  "But we want to go on it until it ends."  Um, yeah, see you in Maine!  But seriously, the leaves were gorgeous.  I didn't do anything to these pics, it really was that pretty.  Oh, and my husband decided he needed to buy a hat because he forgot to pack his.  See the hat?  I hate it.  It's so not him.  He doesn't even hunt.  I just don't understand men sometimes...

We had a great time and it was fun going through all my pictures from the weekend.  Now, on to the Halloween pictures!  Maybe I'll have them up by the end of November...


  1. Wrongly informed. For clarification feel free to contact TMH about the bird hanging upside down incident.

  2. These are great! I LOVE the old truck. The kids look adorable and so country...I love it!


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