Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 38 ~

This week was actually a good week for personal photos.  I took a bunch.  Our son is obsessed with golf in case you didn't know, so he often begs for us to go to the driving range, or putt-putt, or the putting green.  He's quite the little social planner actually.  He'll just announce in the morning that, "When daddy gets home I wanna go to the driving range." or any other number of random things he feels like doing (going to the park, etc.).  Luckily, we're a pretty easy going family so most of the time it works out.  Our other outing this week involved my quest to see the 'super harvest moon' that only happens every 20 years and happened the other night when the moon was closest to the earth so it was supposed to look super huge.  But the clouds completely obscured it for us so we weren't able to see the moonrise that we wanted to see.  The clouds to the west were gone though so we did get to see a pretty sunset.  We went driving out to some farmland in anticipation of the moonrise so that we could get an unobstructed view and we live surprisingly close to some amazingly beautiful countryside.  Here's my photos from this week and they couldn't be more different, but here you go.

My little golfer.  That's his "I'm trying not to smile" face.

My other little golfer.  She is in serious need of some longer clubs.  I need to get on Craigslist!

I'd just like to thank my son for being a left handed golfer and making collages like this look perfect.  

I snapped this right before we left and it was past sundown and getting pretty dark out.  But I still like it and I'm surprised it turned out this good with no flash.

I love this.  Makes me want to live in the country.

I don't know what these flowers (weeds?) are called, but I love them.  They are my favorite.  They are so intricate.  And I love the sun just setting in the middle.

My pretty baby.

Have a great weekend!

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