Friday, September 17, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 37 ~

All of the photos for this week were taken last night in about 10 minutes before I ran out to curriculum night at my daughter's school.  I knew I didn't have any personal photos from this week besides the ones I took of my son on his first day at school and I already posted those, so I wanted to get something to post.  Wow, even though I was in a big hurry and had no patience with my kids while taking them (I usually just follow them around while they do their thing, but I had no time for that) these are some of my favorite photos I've taken of them in a while.  The light was perfect...I'll have to remember it was about quarter til 7 when I took these...seems like I've lost track of what time the sun sets these days with the changing of the seasons.

My sweet girl.  I love her soft smile in this picture.  And I was pretty sure that she had broken her nose the other day after a dramatic collision with the little girl I babysit.  It happened because they were running to the bus since we were late and it was early and then she was crying so hard and her nose started bleeding that she couldn't get on the bus.  Cue drama here about the fact that the bus driver and the kids on the bus saw her crying...she was so embarrassed, which is exactly how I was as a kid.  And then after she calmed down and we iced it (it was very swollen) I couldn't drive her to school because I didn't have enough car seats for all the kids.  A good friend came over to pick up some pictures I'd taken for her and she was going to stay with the kids so I could take her to school, but I decided to keep her home because I was convinced it was broken and I wanted to keep an eye it.  But this pic is from 2 days later, and I think she looks great!  So, I guess it wasn't broken after all.  I'm still convinced that at some point she is going to disfigure her face and I'll have to pay for plastic surgery.  She just keeps getting hurt on her face!

I love the light hitting the one side of her face in this one.  And that you can see her jawline because of the way her head is tilted.  My girl can totally work her angles!  I swear she could model in her future if she ever wanted to...luckily she's never asked so I don't have to go there yet.

I love, love, love this pic of my boy.  I can't ever seem to get a profile shot of him that I like, but this one is perfect.  I love how the sunlight is hitting his eyelashes and the background is so soft and his hair is so cute and messy.

She can totally rock the serious face.  I look terrible when I try to pose with a serious's just so not me, and I end up looking pissed off...but she pulls it off somehow and I love that.

Oh my gosh, this just makes me laugh.  He looks like he has a halo in the pic on the left and then he looks totally evil on the right.  I actually don't like the pic on the right, but my husband loves it.  He just looks so mean!  I much prefer the angelic face.

Fall is coming, I can feel it.  I'm not quite as sad as I was before.  The gorgeous evenings are easing me into it.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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