Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Official

I've died.  My baby has gone off to preschool and I have no babies left at home.  What a weird feeling to be defined as a mother of babies and suddenly my whole definition of myself has changed.  I have kids now.  And when people ask me what I do I say I'm a photographer, where I used to say I'm a mom.  Funny how your perspective on yourself changes.  I still think of myself as a mother and wife first to be honest...I just say I'm a photographer because I feel like I always have to be marketing myself now.  But my heart is in being a mom.  I have to switch my focus to mothering big kids now, even though I really adore babies and toddlers, but that stage of my life is over, which is happy and sad all at the same time.  Sad because I miss their squishy little bodies and the funny, cute things they do and say as toddlers, but exciting because we have so much more freedom now to go and do things and explore and learn.  Each stage is more fun than the last it seems.  And now my baby is a preschooler.  He did so great at school.  I knew he would do fine, but he did even better than I expected.  He listened and participated, even when they did a little song with motions, and he usually hates that type of thing.  He let them take his picture (usually he only wants me to do that) and he stayed in line (for the most part) when they were walking in the hall.  He and the little girl I babysit are in the same class and they were holding hands in the hallway.  It was so cute!  And he has to take a special snack because of his peanut allergy and he is being so grown up and mature about it and not complaining at all.  I'm so proud of my little boy!  Here are some pictures of his first day at school.

This is outside of the school.  He loves that little "bridge" behind him.  It's just a covering over a storm drain, but he loves to stand there and throw rocks down the drain.

Inside his classroom.  He thought that little path looked like hopscotch so he kept hopping all along it.

Coloring.  I've never seem him so studious in his life.  He colored the whole paper very carefully instead of his normal scribbling.  He was concentrating on holding his marker the right way too.

I have a picture of my daughter just like this.  He looks so sweet here!

Singing a song during circle time.  There are a lot of girls in his class!  Just five boys so I hope he makes a few  little friends since it seems he always stuck with girls.  All of the kids were so cute.

I'm so proud of my baby boy.  I hope he did as well today without me there!  We'll see when I go pick him up.

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