Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fashion Forward

I've made a decision regarding my blog.  I'm going to stop obsessively editing each and every photo that I post on here.  A lot of my time is spent making sure that my photos look perfect and professional before I post them, and let's face it, sometimes I just take snapshots and they don't need to look perfect.  Some photos I take are not for professional purposes and they are just for me and my family and therefore, why am I spending valuable time editing them that I could be spending with my kids or my husband, or working on actual photo shoots?   Some photos are just for fun and I'm taking all of the fun out of them by making them something else for me to perfect.  Enough.  So, this post and other non-photo related posts are no longer going to be edited except for maybe cropping since that takes like 1 second.  Okay, I'm done with my little rant to myself.  On to more exciting things...

So, my kids had some friends over the other night.  We watched them while their parents went out to dinner for a date night.  These kids are so much fun and they are a big sister, little brother duo who remind me so much of my kids, just as an older version.  They all play great together and this night was no exception.  The girls always have to play dress up, but this time they came downstairs in full character telling me that they were supermodels. And of course, the brother had to participate, albeit in a totally boyish way, by playing the part of the rockstar.  Awesome.

I love all the accessories.  And her super serious model face.  She is so cute!

Staying inside was very short lived.  Supermodels need space to strut their stuff you know, so we headed outside so they'd have more room.  Their poses crack me up.  I literally can't look at these photos without laughing.  My daughter's outfit is hilarious!

What on earth is my daughter doing with her hands?  It's like some sort of vogue thing.  I love it.

Oh yeah, they had to pretend to be photographers too so they took turns using the camera.  I can't remember  who took which ones except this one was taken by my friend's daughter because they were posing like that for a while and really liked this picture.  I love his face!

The whole crew.  My son wasn't really participating, he was just running around being his crazy self.

I think she really has some supermodel potential here!  Her dad would not want to hear that.

I love that she's rockin silly bands on her headband and a giant bow that I found left in a shopping cart.  And she has food on her face to top it all off.  It's a great look for her!

The rockstar.  I love this kid.  He wrote my daughter a letter and mailed it to her after they played that night.  Here's what it said, "Hello (my daughter's name).  You and (my son's name) are the best guys.  I will see you in a few years and I love you.  From (his name)."  On the back it said, "And you should like lemonheads."  He's awesome.  I'm saving it just in case they ever end up dating in the future.  You never know...

He finally had to get in on the photo shoot right at the end.  Here's his rockstar pose.  Cutie.

I love it when my kids do stuff to crack me up.  And even better when I capture it with my camera.  I was laughing so hard the entire time and I was trying not to show it because they were so serious about the whole thing.  Oh, and at some point the girls decided that they were princess supermodels.  I overheard them saying, "Supermodels don't run, they walk."  And they made up princess supermodel names.  I think they were Alyssa (that just so happens to be my daughter's kindergarten teacher's name) and Madeline.  Very princess supermodely, don't cha think?

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  1. These shots are a RIOT! What a blast! Thanks for keeping their names a secret... what fun!


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