Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Decorating 101

This weekend  I finally hung the photos that I took from our trip to Florida way back in May.  I printed them forever ago and I've been saving up and shopping for the perfect frames ever since.  I had it all planned out in my head that I was going to do a very symmetrical collage on my living room wall.  But I was thinking black frames with white matting.  So when I found a great coupon to Michael's I went and bought all these black frames and came home and put all the photos in them and then decided I didn't like all that black in my beachy room.  So I had to take all the photos out, put back in the fake photos they came with and then I was back to square one.  Then at Wal-Mart (my least favorite store on earth) one day I came across the perfect white frames and they were on clearance and there were only 6 left, which was the exact number I needed!  So, my collage is done and I love it!  It makes me happy every time I look at it.  My room is finally looking like a real grownup room.  I have a friend working on a slipcover for my red chair and I have a plan for the other wall in the room above my desk.  I can't wait to get working on it!


  1. very nice collage. And I agree on the least favorite store on earth....

  2. Love it! Oh, and I spent the better part of last night designing a pattern for your chair....I'm feeling slightly more confident so that's good. (And I emphasize "slightly!")


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