Monday, September 20, 2010

Blessed ~ A Photo Shoot ~

I always hear grandmas bragging on their grandkids and talking about how being a grandma is even better than being a mom.  I obviously don't have first hand knowledge of this, but I'm assuming it's true.  I mean, you get to spoil the kids rotten, get all their sweet hugs and kisses, and then give them back when they start to get annoying.  Sounds pretty awesome to me!  I did a photo shoot last week for some friends who wanted to give their mom a picture of all her grandkids for her birthday gift.  What a nice idea.  She has some beautiful grandkids too.  They are truly blessed and they have another one on the way!  I had such a fun time on this shoot, not only because the moms of these kids and I go way back, but because I had the opportunity to shoot some older kids which I don't often get to do.  Sometimes people go crazy getting pics of their kids when they are little, and they forget during the sort of awkward years that kids go through and then suddenly you've got Senior portraits and toddler pictures and nothing in between.  But older kids, especially girls, love it and I think it's awesome that this family does photos every year.  Oh, and by the way, there is nothing awkward about the girls in this family...I only wish I had looked that good in 8th grade.  Braces and a bad perm, anyone?  Here are my favorites from their shoot.

All of the grandkids.  I love the little ones checking each other out.

I pretty much love everything about this picture.  Love the wind blowing her hair.  Perfection.

Seriously, she's this beautiful and confident in junior high?  Her mom better watch out.

This little boy is the cutest and I love that he is just all boy, especially after this family having all girls for so many years.  He's showing me how old he is here.  Or he could just be saying 'peace out'.

The newest addition to the family due to a recent, secret, surprise marriage!  I still can't believe they kept that a secret...  What a sweet smile she has!  I think she's gonna be an awesome big sister to their next big surprise since they aren't finding out what they're having.

I love teenagers.  It's fun trying to capture their uniqueness.

I love this.  Did I mention that they're twins?!  No fighting over who's the pretty one though, they are both so gorgeous!

What a blessing to have such beautiful, sweet grandkids.  I can only hope to be as blessed myself someday.

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