Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Boy

My baby is four now.  Why does four seem so much older than three?  When he was three it seemed okay to still treat him a little like my baby, after all, it isn't that much older than two.  But four?  He's suddenly not such a baby anymore.  Even when I look at him now, he just looks like a kid.  He no longer has the toddler chubbiness.  You can start to see where his little muscles are defining.  He's just so tall and when I hold up pants in his size, I'm like, these are huge, they aren't little toddler clothes anymore!  But he's still and always will be my baby.  I used to wonder about those moms who would baby their youngest and think, geez, that's crazy, but now I get it.  And I'm sure he'll be rotten someday, but right now, at this moment, I couldn't care less.  I just want to hold onto this last little bit of babyness as long as I can.  I sneak in as many cuddles as I can, and tickles, and kisses.  And if he ever wants to sit in my lap, you better believe I'll let him sit there as long as he wants.  And carry him?  I sometimes wish he weren't so independent so I could still carry him around a little more.  Not too much though, dang he's heavy!  This boy has stolen my heart in ways I couldn't even fathom four years ago.  I was scared to death of what to do with a boy when I was pregnant.  All I knew up to that point was my sweet girly girl, and boys, well, they are kinda wild.  And dirty.  And smelly.  And full of energy.  And until you have one of your own you will never understand how much you can love wild.  And dirty.  And smelly.  And fully of energy.  And all things boy.   My baby.  Growing up.  And taking my heart along for the ride.  I love him.

I snapped these before anyone arrived for his party.  I love the one below with him showing me his four fingers.  And his dimple.  And his messy hair.  I love that boy.  He wanted a train cake and he wanted it to have sprinkles.  Definitely not my best looking cake, but he loved it.  And it was yummy.

Here he is showing off his new Steelers jersey.

Only my son gets this excited about a bag of golf balls for his birthday present.  Did I mention how much I adore this baby boy?

His new train.  The only toy he asked for and he loves it.

I kept telling him all day that he was four now, but he kept insisting that he wouldn't be four until after he blew out the candles at his party.

It's official now.

That face.  I love that face.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet little boy.  Mommy loves you more than words can say.

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