Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Comes Love ~ A Photo Shoot ~

I had my first engagement photo shoot over the weekend and it was so much fun.  This girl is my cousin...2nd, 3rd maybe?  I never really understand the whole cousin thing once you get past 1st cousins...so let's just say that we're related.  And she's engaged to the nicest guy.  It was so fun to watch them interact together.  You can totally tell that they are in love.  They are so sweet and funny and playful.  I'm so happy that they've found each other.

She has such a great smile!

They met playing sand volleyball so we did some shots by the sand volleyball court.  Love this!

I love this...she's so affectionate with him.

They are just so perfect together!

Showing off her rock.  And I love her long, slender fingers next to his manly hands.

One of my favorites.  Love the shadow.

They are so comfortable with each other and it shows.

Another favorite.

What a cute couple!

Thanks so much for putting up with me and being so patient on such a hot day!  I had so much fun capturing your love!

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  1. OK...we really need to work out this barter thing....I really want you to take pictures of my kids! These pictures are beautiful....once again!


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