Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Cuz

Cousin:  Someone whose parent is a sibling with your parent.  Okay, I have no idea how webster defines it, I just made that up.  Aren't cousins great though?  I mean, who else understands your family like they do?  The same grandparents, the same holiday traditions.  It's great to get together with a cousin because they just get certain things that others don't.  I babysit my niece and nephew which is great because my kids get to play with their cousins every day.  I have 6 first cousins, but I can't say that any of us were best friends when growing up.  Some of us only saw each other on holidays, but I still feel like we have a special connection.  There's just something fun about that cousin relationship.  I'm so glad that my kids get to experience it and that they all get along so well (for now).  My nephew and my son are only 3 months apart, so I hope they will always stay close.  I took the boys outside today while we waited for my daugher to get on the bus and the leaves were just so gorgeous that I had to go back inside and grab my camera.  Here's a peak at our afternoon...

The beautiful leaves!


My adorable nephew, he likes to have his picture taken.

When they figured out that they could throw the leaves it got alot more fun.  I was actually dropping them on their heads which they thought was great.

I just love that I didn't brush his hair today.  Gotta love little boy bedhead, nothing quite like it.

They are so funny together, and my nephew thinks everything my son does is hilarious.  Quite the ego boost for him, but then he walks around the house being silly all day thinking everyone should laugh at everything he does.

I brought the pumpkins out in the grass thinking they would sit still on them so I could get a pic of them together, but they turned it into some sort of pumpkin rolling contest.

Just another cute pic...

We played a little catch too.  He still sometimes forgets and calls this a "hitball" instead of a football. Pretty appropriate if you ask me!

Nothing better than laying in the leaves on a beautiful fall day!

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