Monday, October 19, 2009

Family ~ A Photo Shoot ~

I promise not to make my blog all about my little photo shoots.  After this one...  I wanted to do a family photo shoot since I've done babies and kids, and a wedding, but no families.  So when my friend said I could use her family as my guinea pigs it was perfect.  These little girls are also the ones I babysit for so it was even more perfect since I already adore them and they are comfortable with me.  Some things I learned on this shoot:    
 1.  Families are much harder to shoot since there are more people.

2.  Someone is always blinking, therefore you must take tons of pictures of each pose.

3.  Toddlers don't last long in each pose.

4.  There will be tears.

5.  There will be silly smiles.

6.  There will be sweet moments.

7.  It will take you at least 10 frames to get this shot.

8.  Some of your favorite pictures will be ones in which they aren't looking.

9.  It will take you 20 frames and crazy baby talk to get this shot.

10.  Momma's with their babies...sigh.

11.  You will get that picture that you love, but you can't explain why.


  1. Love the pics... where'd you do the "photo shoot"....

  2. ps.. that comment was from me... Jen

  3. Thanks! Christy asked me what park I went to for those pictures of my kids with the fallen tree, and I said, um, that's my backyard! Good thing Jimmy never got around to cutting down that tree! That and our stump work great for photo props!

  4. What kind of camera and lens?

  5. I use a Nikon D40 with an 18-55mm lens. I am planning on upgrading my lens at Christmas (if everyone in my family takes the hint and gives me money)!

  6. I wonder if using a Minolta would have given the same results??

    Those pics made me smile!


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