Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Day in the Life

I used to have a "real" job.  You know, one where you have to set your alarm, get dressed up, drive somewhere, sit there for about 8 someodd hours and then drive home.  Now that I'm a mom, I no longer have a "real" job, but I feel like I am even busier than someone who does.  That's because I am now babysitting 4 other kids besides my own.  I know, I am crazy!!  Let me explain...

Last year I babysat for a sweet little girl whose mother is a good friend of mine.  She's a teacher which works out awesome since I get all the breaks off.  Having three kids last year was not so bad.  Then her mother got pregnant.  Good for her!  Wait, that means I will have 2 extra kids next year.  She decides to go part time, sounds good to me.  I can definitely handle two extra kids for half a day. 

But wait you say, you have 4 extra kids now.  I'm getting there...  So I have a nephew whose mom also works half days as a teacher.  She works the opposite hours of the other mom.  Would I be interested?  Yeah, I could definitely use the money.  But she is also pregnant...which means 2 more kids.  Do I want to do this to myself?  Apparently yes, since I am.  There is about an hour and half overlap at lunch time where I have 6 kids.  And it's not as bad as I thought it'd be.  Really.  But some days I do think maybe I am crazy. 

Yesterday we had a good day.  Just me and the kids hanging out.  My daughter wanted me to get out my camera and take her picture, which I don't normally do when all the kids are over since it's always messy and I can't stand messy backgrounds, but I did it and I got some cute shots.  After all, I am supposed to be celebrating the less than perfect with this blog, so I better practice what I preach.

Here is my daughter doing her typical pose, hands behind back, fake smile.  Still cute, though.

This is a pic my daughter took of her doll, Katie.  There was something about how Katie looks just like her imaginery friend (who I can no longer remember the name of) and therefore if she takes Katie's picture I'll know what her other friend looks like.  O-kay.

She also had to take my picture.  Excuse the bad posture, please.

This is her teaching school to my nephew and her dolls.  My son is no longer invited to 'school'.  Apparently he does not meet standard entrance testing.  : )  Also known as "Mom, he's bothering me!".

The star student.  I guess the others needed a nap.

She holds that book like a pro!

After 'school' we played a little peekaboo.

And sat around looking cute.

Then we built towers with  blocks.  Here he is saying "Ta-da!".

No to be outdone by her baby brother, she builds a more intricate, superior (although shorter) tower.  She's also saying "Ta-da".

Then it was time for lunch, more kids to come, the bus, and then naptime.  Ah, what a life.

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  1. I am glad that my kids come to your house :) And, I am glad that the overlap wasn't as bad as it seemed like it would have been at first!!


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